Order of Dances

  1. 1.Pavane Mille regretz

Form: A-A-B-B-C-C

Tempo/Meter: Slow, stately, duple

Instrumentation: Four recorders and finger cymbals

Opening of melody (from the

chanson Mille Regretz)

The sharp above the last note is

an example of musica ficta, in

which an accidental is added

by the performer according to the rules of performance.

2. Ronde I

Form: A-A-B-B

Tempo/Meter: Lively, duple

Instrumentation: Recorders, regal and hand tabor

Opening of melody

  1. 3.Ronde II

Form: A-A-B-B-C-C

Tempo/Meter: Moderate duple

Instrumentation: Violas da gamba, harpsichord and lute

Opening of melody (from the

chanson Mon amy)

4. Ronde I repeated