Composer: Anonymous

Piece: O mitissima/Virgo virginum/Haec dies

Date: 1280

Form: Sacred Motet

Voices/Text: 3 voices, each with a different text

Texture: Polyphonic

Characteristic: Three different texts (polytextual)

The chant, Haec dies, anchors this 3-voice motet with a link to the past. It is used as the basis of the motet in the bottom voice (tenor), sounding the notes of the chant in a rhythmic ostinato: long-long-short-long. These precise rhythmic values are in keeping with the style of the 13th century. This voice moves more slowly than the upper parts.

There is interaction between the two upper voices. They share a similar rhythm and range. Listen for the open fifths and octaves at cadence points. The triple meter symbolizes the Holy Trinity: Father , Son, and Holy Ghost. All three voices have different texts, all in Latin.